P-3 Implementation Efforts

These are explicit P-3 approaches currently or recently implemented in this state. Examples at different levels of implementation are highlighted—community, single school, district, regional, and state.

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    Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute, University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill

    Since 2005, FirstSchool has implemented and continuously improved a PreK-3rd grade approach aimed at improving the school experiences of underserved populations.

    Their work helps teachers, administrators, and district personnel: address equity by questioning practices that impact children of color and those who come from less advantaged homes; focus on research-based instructional practices designed to foster classroom cultures of caring, competence, and excellence; use new lenses through which to view and improve their practice; develop a culture of collaborative inquiry and a mindset of continuous improvement; and arm themselves with research and data to advocate for effective practice for their students.

    Over the past 15 years, FirstSchool has collaborated with states, districts, and schools across the country. Currently, FirstSchool’s most intensive efforts are concentrated in Marin County, CA and Lansing, MI.

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