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August 2023

Children Come First Series: Improved Equitable Early School Experiences

Report Carla Garrett, Sharon Ritchie, Eva C. Phillips Region 6 Comprehensive Center Network
September 2023

A P-3 Framework: Centering English Learners

Report Laurie Olsen, Ph.D. SEAL
July 2023

Great Start California: Advancing the California Department of Education’s P-3 Vision

Report Kristie Kauerz, Kate Tarrant, Stephanie Olmore National P-3 Center
December 2021

Transitions to Kindergarten in Colorado: A Roadmap

Report Kristie Kauerz, Andrew Schaper, Sharon Triolo-Moloney National P-3 Center
October 2021

Head Start to Kindergarten Transitions: Research Summary

Report Stacy B. Ehrlich, Kyle DeMeo Cook, Dana Thomson, Kristie Kauerz, Mitchell R. Barrows, Tamara Halle, Molly F. Gordon, Margaret Soli, Andrew Schaper, Sarah Her, Gabriella Guerra Office of Planning, Research, & Evaluation (OPRE)
June 2021

A Path to Equity: From Expanded Pre-Kindergarten Access to Success in Elementary School

Report Maia Connors, Stacy Ehrlich,Amanda Stein, John Francis, John Easton, Sarah Kabourek Start Early, NORC at the University of Chicago, University of Chicago Consortium on School Research
June 2021

Transition to Kindergarten: Findings from Recent Research

Report Kristie Kauerz, Andrew Schaper National P-3 Center
March 2021

Leading Learning Communities: A Principal’s Guide to Early Learning and the Early Grades (Pre-K–3rd Grade)

Report Kristie Kauerz, Roberta Ballard, Margaret Soli, and Shannon Hagerman NAESP and National P-3 Center
December 2020

Pandemic-Related Transitions: P-3 Learning Contexts

Report Margaret Soli & Kristie Kauerz National P-3 Center
November 2020

Restart and Recovery – Considerations for Teaching and Learning: PreK to 3rd Grade

Report Council of Chief State School Officers
August 2020

COVID-19 Guidance Across P-3 Programs/Funding Streams

Report National P-3 Center
July 2020

Start with Equity: From the Early Years to the Early Grades

Report Children's Equity Project and the Bipartisan Policy Center
June 2020

School-based PreK, Kindergarten, and the Early Grades: Fall Re-Entry Planning in a Pandemic

Report National P-3 Center
May 2020

Webinar: At-Home Teaching and Learning in PreK-3rd Grade

Video National P-3 Center
March 2020

At-Home Teaching and Learning in PreK-3rd Grade

Report National P-3 Center
January 2020

PreK-3 Alignment: Challenges and Opportunities in California

Case Study Julia E. Koppich, Deborah Stipek Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE)
December 2019

Framework in Action: Learning Environment

Report Kristie Kauerz, Jodi Haavig, Margaret Soli, Katie Kuhl National P-3 Center
November 2019

Bridging Sectors to Co-Create NC Pathways to Grade-Level Reading

Report North Carolina Early Childhood Foundation
November 2019

What Happens After Preschool Matters for Sustaining the Preschool Boost

Report Christina Weiland, Rebecca Unterman, Anna Shapiro, and Hirokazu Yoshikawa The Brookings Institution
November 2019

Framework for Planning, Implementing, and Evaluating P-3 Approaches

Report Kristie Kauerz and Julia Coffman National P-3 Center
October 2019

Building the Case for Culturally Specific P-3 Strategies in Oregon: Listening to Voices From the Field

Case Study Callie H. Lambarth, Amanda Cross-Hemmer, Lorelei Mitchell, Beth L. Green, Kate Normand Center for Improvement of Child & Family Services at Portland State University
September 2019

Using Local, State, and Federal Dollars to Improve Pre-K to K Transitions

Report Laura Bornfreund, Danielle Ewen, Davida McDonald New America
September 2019

Moving into Kindergarten: How Schools and Districts are Connecting the Steps for Children and Families

Report Aaron Loewenberg New America
July 2019

Teachers, Schools, and Pre-K Effect Persistence: An Examination of the Sustaining Environment Hypothesis

Report Francis Pearman, Matthew Springer, Mark Lipsey, Mark Lachowicz, Dale Farran, Walker Swain Annenberg Institute at Brown University
July 2019

Preschool to Third Grade Alignment: What Do We Know and What Are We Learning?

Report Meghan McCormick, Shira Mattera, JoAnn Hsueh MDRC
May 2019

North Carolina Should Focus on Early Childhood Learning in Order to Raise Achievement in Predominantly Disadvantaged School Districts

Report Program Evaluation Division North Carolina General Assembly
May 2019

Practical Guide for State Education Agencies to Promote Success of English Learners PreK-Grade 3

Report Alexandra Figueras-Daniel Council of Chief State School Officers
April 2019

Advancing Equity in Early Childhood Education: Position Statement of the National Association for the Education of Young Children

Report NAEYC
December 2018

Fostering Pre-K to Elementary Alignment and Continuity in Mathematics in Urban School Districts: Challenges and Possibilities

Case Study Cynthia E. Coburn, Kelly McMahon, Graciela Borsato, Abigal Stein, Natalie Jou, Seenae Chong, Rebekah LeMahieu, Megan Franke, Sonia Ibarra, Deborah Stipek Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE), DREME Network
December 2018

Building Cross-Sector P-3 Leaders: The Washington P-3 Executive Leadership Certificate Program

Report Kristie Kauerz, Mari Taylor, Katie Kuhl National P-3 Center
November 2018

A Focus on Teaching and Learning in Pre-K through 2nd Grade: Lessons from Boston

Case Study Laura Bornfreund, Aaron Loewenberg New America
November 2018

How the Opportunity Gap in K-3 Teaching Is Failing Our Students

Report Bridget Hamre Teachstone
August 2018

Effects of Sustained Quality in PreK, Kindergarten and First Grade in Dallas ISD

Report Annie Wright, Dylan Farmer, and Yusuf Kara Center on Research and Evaluation at SMU
April 2018

Investments in Oregon’s P-3 Initiatives–Promising Family Engagement Strategies: Early Evidence & Next Steps

Report Beth L. Green, Callie H. Lambarth, Lindsey Patterson, Mackenzie Burton, Diane Reid Center for Improvement of Child and Family Services, Portland State University
March 2018

Framework in Action: Administrator Effectiveness

Report Kristie Kauerz, Katie Kuhl National P-3 Center
July 2017

Connecting the Steps: State Strategies to Ease the Transition from Pre-K to Kindergarten

Report Aaron Loewenberg New America
April 2017

The Current State of Scientific Knowledge on Pre-Kindergarten Effects

Report Deborah Phillips, Mark Lipsey, Kenneth Dodge, Ron Haskins, Daphna Bassok, Margaret Burchinal, Greg Duncan, Mark Dynarski, Katherine Magnuson, Christina Weiland Brookings and Duke University
October 2016

Case Studies of Schools Implementing Early Elementary Strategies: Preschool Through Third Grade Alignment and Differentiated Instruction

Case Study Karen Manship, Jonathan Farber, Claire Smith, Katie Drummond American Institutes for Research
August 2016

Building State P-3 Systems: Learning From Leading States

Case Study David Jacobson Center on Enhancing Early Learning Outcomes (CEELO)
June 2016

Tradeoffs: Elementary Principals on Hiring and Staffing in the Early Grades

Report Shayna Cook New America
May 2016

A False Dichotomy: Elementary Principals on Academics and Play

Report Abbie Lieberman, Shayna Cook New America
May 2016

Why Elementary School Principals Matter

Report Aaron Loewenber New America
May 2016

Leading for the Early Years: Principals’ Reflections on the Need for Better Preparation

Report Abbie Lieberman New America
May 2016

Bringing it All Together: Elementary Principals are Key to Strong PreK-3rd Grade Classrooms

Report Laura Bornfreund, Abbie Lieberman New America
May 2016

Connecting Pre-K and the Early Grades: Principals on Transitions

Report Laura Bornfreund New America
May 2016

PreK-3 Alignment in California’s Education System: Obstacles and Opportunities

Case Study Rachel Valentino, Deborah J. Stipek Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE)
January 2016

Examining Teacher Effectiveness Between Preschool and Third Grade

Report Rachel Herzfeldt-Kamprath, Rebecca Ullrich Center for American Progress
January 2016

Oregon’s Early Learning and Kindergarten Guidelines

Report Oregon Early Learning Division
January 2016

Promoting Seamless Transitions from Preschool to Kindergarten and Beyond

Report Annenberg Institute for School Reform
December 2015

First through Third Grade Implementation Guidelines

Report Shannon Riley-Ayers, Sharon Ryan New Jersey Department of Education
October 2015

Stories from the Nation’s Capital: Building Instructional Programs and Supports for Dual Language Learners From PreK-3rd Grade in Washington D.C.

Case Study Amaya Garcia, Conor P. Williams New America
October 2015

A Voice For All: Oregon’s David Douglas School District Builds a Better PreK-3rd Grade System for Dual Language Learners

Case Study Conor P. Williams, Amaya Garcia New America
October 2015

Boomtown Kids: Harnessing Energy and Aligning Resources for Dual Language Learners in San Antonio, Texas

Case Study Conor P. Williams New America
June 2015

The Power of a Good Idea: How the San Francisco School District is Building a PreK-3rd Grade Bridge

Case Study Paul Nyhan New America
February 2015

Better Policies for Dual Language Learners: Bridging Research, Policy, Implementation, and Classroom Practice

Report Conor P. Williams New America
December 2014

Planning the Transition to Kindergarten: Collaborations, Connections, and Six Steps to Success

Report The National Center on Quality Teaching and Learning (NCQTL)
October 2014

Starting Strong: Pre-K Through Third Grade Success Stories From Across Minnesota

Case Study MinnCAN: The Minnesota Campaign for Achievement Now
September 2014

Building a Skilled Teacher Workforce: Shared and Divergent Challenges in Early Care and Education and in Grades K-12

Report Marcy Whitebook Institute for Research on Labor Employment
June 2016

Mapping the Early Attendance Gap: Charting a Course for School Success

Report Attendance Works and Healthy Schools Campaign
June 2014

A Framework for Rethinking State Education Accountability and Support from Birth Through High School

Report Elliot Regenstein, Rio Romero-Jurado Ounce of Prevention Fund
January 2014

Leading Pre-K-3 Learning Communities: Competencies for Effective Principal Practice

Report National Association of Elementary School Principals
January 2014

Towards Equitable Parent-School Collaboration: Developing Common Parent Engagement Indicators

Report Ann M. Ishimaru, Joe Lott, Ismael Fajardo, Jessica Salvador Equitable Parent-School Collaboration Research Project, University of Washington
September 2013

Parent Engagement From Preschool Through Grade 3

Report Sheila Smith, Taylor Robbins, Shannon Stagman, Disha Mathur National Center for Children in Poverty
May 2013

An Ocean of Unknowns: Risks and Opportunities in Using Student Achievement Data to Evaluate PreK-3rd Grade Teachers

Report Laura Bornfreund New America Foundation
May 2013

PreK-3rd: Getting Literacy Instruction Right

Report Nonie Lesaux Foundation for Child Development
March 2013

A PreK-3rd Coalition: How Three School Districts Accomplished More Together Than Alone

Report Paul Nyhan Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
March 2013

The Path to Lifelong Success Begins with P-3

Report Kristie Kauerz National Association of Elementary School Principals
March 2013

PreK-3rd’s Lasting Architecture: Successfully Serving Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Students in Union City, New Jersey

Case Study Geoff Marietta, Sky Marietta Foundation for Child Development
January 2013

The Promise of PreK-3rd: Promoting Academic Excellence for Dual Language Learners in Red Bank Public Schools

Case Study Geoff Marietta, Sky Marietta Foundation for Child Development
January 2013

Financiers, Engineers, and Entrepreneurs for Young Children: Comprehensive Birth-through-age-8 Community Strategies

Report Kristie Kauerz National P-3 Center
December 2012

Building a Birth-to-College Model: Professional Learning Communities

Case Study Ounce of Prevention Fund, University of Chicago Urban Education Institute
September 2012

Counting Kids and Tracking Funds in Pre-K and Kindergarten: Falling Short at the Local Level

Report Lisa Guernsey, Alex Holt Foundation for Child Development
May 2012

Implementing Observation Protocols: Lessons for K-12 Education from the Field of Early Childhood

Report Robert C. Pianta Center for American Progress
April 2012

PreK-3rd: Next Steps for State Longitudinal Data Systems

Report Donald J. Hernandez Foundation for Child Development
November 2012

Evaluating P-3 Reforms

Report Julia Coffman, Kristie Kauerz National P-3 Center
January 2012

Washington State Early Learning and Development Guidelines: Birth Through 3rd Grade

Report Washington State Department of Early Learning, State of Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, Thrive by Five Washington
November 2011

Watching Teachers Work: Using Observation Tools to Promote Effective Teaching in the Early Years and Early Grades

Report Lisa Guernsey, Susan Ochshorn New America Foundation
September 2011

The Power of PreK-3rd: How a Small Foundation Helped Push Washington State to the Forefront of the PreK-3rd Movement

Case Study Paul Nyhan Foundation for Child Development
April 2011

PK-3: What Does it Mean for Instruction?

Report Deborah Stipek, Doug Clements, Cynthia Coburn, Megan Franke, Dale Farran Society for Research in Child Development
April 2011

PreK-3rd: Principals as Crucial Instructional Leaders

Report Sara Mead Foundation for Child Development
March 2011

Building Early Learning Leaders: New Jersey’s PreK-3rd Leadership Training

Case Study Cynthia Rice, Vincent Costanza Advocates for Children of New Jersey
March 2011

Getting in Sync: Revamping Licensing and Preparation for Teachers in Pre-K, Kindergarten, and the Early Grades

Report Laura Bornfreund New America
January 2011

PreK-3rd: Raising the Educational Performance of English Language Learners (ELLs)

Report Dale Russakoff Foundation for Child Development
December 2010

Lessons for PreK-3rd from Montgomery County Public Schools

Case Study Geoff Marietta Foundation for Child Development
November 2010

Working Together to Build a Birth-to-College Approach to Public Education: Forming a Partnership Between the University of Chicago Urban Education Institute and the Ounce of Prevention Fund

Report Raedy Ping, Raphael Nash, Linda Wing University of Chicago Urban Education Institute, Ounce of Prevention Fund
October 2010

Resource Manual for Administrators and Principals Supervising and Evaluating Teachers of Young Children

Report Richard Lambert, Bobbie Rowland, Heather Taylor, Cindy Wheeler Center for Educational Measurement and Evaluation; The University of North Carolina at Charlotte
September 2010

PreK-3rd: How Superintendents Lead Change

Report Geoff Marietta Foundation for Child Development
July 2010

PreK-3rd: Teacher Quality Matters

Report Rima Shore Foundation for Child Development
June 2010

PreK-3rd: Putting Full-Day Kindergarten in the Middle

Report Kristie Kauerz Foundation for Child Development
January 2010

Turning the Page: Refocusing Massachusetts for Reading Success

Case Study Nonie Lesaux Strategies for Children, Inc.
September 2009

North Carolina Guide For the Early Years

Report North Carolina Department of Public Instruction
July 2009

Beyond the School Yard: Pre-K Collaborations with Community-Based Partners

Report Albert Wat, Chrisanne Gayl The PEW Center on States
January 2009

Issues in PreK-3rd: Using Developmental Science to Transform Children’s Early School Experiences

Report Kelly Maxwell, Sharon Ritchie, Sue Bredekamp, Tracy Zimmerman FirstSchool
January 2009

Issues in PreK-3rd Education: Time is of the Essence

Report Sharon Ritchie, Gisele Crawford FirstSchool
January 2009

The Case for Investing in PreK-3rd Education: Challenging Myths About School Reform

Report Rima Shore Foundation for Child Development
January 2009

Financing Services for 3- and 4-Year Olds in a PreK-3rd School

Report Richard M. Clifford, Gisele M. Crawford, Helene Stebbins, Stephanie S. Reszka, Barbara Coatney FirstSchool
January 2009

FirstSchool Learning Environments: Supporting Relationships

Report Sharon Ritchie, Gisele Crawford, Richard Clifford FirstSchool
January 2009

Issues in PreK-3rd Education: A FirstSchool Framework for Curriculum and Instruction

Report Rebecca New, Sharon Palsha, Sharon Ritchie FirstSchool
January 2009

21st Century Teacher Education for FirstSchool: A Model of Collaborative Inquiry

Report Rebecca New, Sharon Ritchie, Harriet Boone FirstSchool
December 2008

FIRSTSCHOOL DESIGN GUIDE: Optimal Learning Environments for Children Three to Eight

Report FirstSchool Design Collaborative
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