P-3 Implementation Efforts

These are explicit P-3 approaches currently or recently implemented in this state. Examples at different levels of implementation are highlighted—community, single school, district, regional, and state.

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    Child-Parent Center P-3 Program

    Human Capital Research Collaborative at University of Minnesota

    The Child-Parent Center Preschool through 3rd Grade (CPC P-3) program is a school reform effort designed to promote school readiness skills and effective transitions to elementary school for children from low-income families.

    The CPC P-3 model aims to strengthen overall well-being and achievement through implementation of six core elements:

    • Effective Learning Experiences
    • Collaborative Leadership
    • Aligned Curriculum
    • Parent Involvement and Engagement
    • Professional Development
    • Continuity and Stability

    The CPC program was established in 1967 and substantially revised in 2012. CPC P-3 programs currently operate in select communities in Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

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