October 2016

Case Studies of Schools Implementing Early Elementary Strategies: Preschool Through Third Grade Alignment and Differentiated Instruction

The report, funded by the U.S. Department of Education, looks at Boston Public Schools, Chicago Child-Parent Centers, Early Works Initiative, FirstSchool, and Sobrato Early Academic Language (SEAL).  All five programs focus on elementary schools that include on-site/co-located PreK classrooms and strive to create greater coherence across the PreK-3rd grade continuum. 

In addition to identifying common practices and alignment strategies, the case study highlights programs’ self-reported observed improvements in student outcomes. Across the five programs, there are common challenges, including guiding teachers to change their practices and concerns about funding sustainability.

Author(s): Karen Manship, Jonathan Farber, Claire Smith, Katie Drummond Organization: American Institutes for Research
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