P-3 Implementation Efforts

These are explicit P-3 approaches currently or recently implemented in this state. Examples at different levels of implementation are highlighted—community, single school, district, regional, and state.

  • [ School ]

    Child-Parent Center P-3 Program

    Human Capital Research Collaborative at University of Minnesota

    The Child-Parent Center Preschool through 3rd Grade (CPC P-3) program is a school reform effort designed to promote school readiness skills and effective transitions to elementary school for children from low-income families

    The CPC P-3 model aims to strengthen overall well-being and achievement through implementation of six core elements:

    • Effective Learning Experiences
    • Collaborative Leadership
    • Aligned Curriculum
    • Parent Involvement and Engagement
    • Professional Development
    • Continuity and Stability

    The CPC program was established in 1967 and substantially revised in 2012. CPC P-3 programs currently operate in select communities in Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

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  • [ Regional ]

    WCI's Early Childhood Initiative

    West Central Initiative

    West Central Initiative (WCI) serves nine counties in west central Minnesota and supports community teams to come together to learn more about what they can do to better prepare young children for kindergarten and beyond.

    These PreK-3 alignment teams consist of school administrators, teachers, child care providers, civic leaders, parents, and other community members. These teams hear from national speakers, share local success stories, and engage in team planning to integrate new information into their current plans.  West Central Initiative gives resources to individual communities to attend P-3 trainings sponsored by the Minnesota Department of Education and to have local P-3 meetings.  WCI also gave a grant to a partner to hire a regional P-3 coach.  The WCI Early Childhood Coordinator is the co-chair for the state-wide P-3 Design Team supported by The McKnight Foundation and convened by WCI.

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