December 2018

Building Cross-Sector P-3 Leaders: The Washington P-3 Executive Leadership Certificate Program

In 2012, the National P-3 Center embarked on an innovative endeavor to increase the capacity in local school districts and communities around the state of Washington to implement high-quality P-3 (Pre-school through 3rd grade) reforms. With generous funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, in February 2014, the Washington P-3 Executive Leadership Certificate Program (P-3 ELCP) enrolled its first cohort at the University of Washington. The P-3 ELCP was offered in three subsequent years, and 162 administrators from ECE and PreK-12 completed the program. This report presents an overview of the unique design features of the P-3 ELCP and an evaluative summary of what was learned during the four years the Program was offered.
Author(s): Kristie Kauerz, Mari Taylor, Katie Kuhl Organization: National P-3 Center
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