December 2018

Fostering Pre-K to Elementary Alignment and Continuity in Mathematics in Urban School Districts: Challenges and Possibilities

This report takes an in-depth look at two school districts’ efforts to increase alignment and continuity between PreK and elementary schools, paying particular attention to mathematics. The comparative case study approach lays bare the complexity of this work – and also highlights how it can look quite different from one district to another. The authors discuss many positive changes made in each district and also lingering challenges common to both, including: different beliefs about instruction for young children; siloed departments within district central offices; policy and funding differences between early learning and K-12; and lower priority on math instruction in early grades. The report closes with implications for district and state policymakers, and for funders.

Author(s): Cynthia E. Coburn, Kelly McMahon, Graciela Borsato, Abigal Stein, Natalie Jou, Seenae Chong, Rebekah LeMahieu, Megan Franke, Sonia Ibarra, Deborah Stipek Organization: Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE), DREME Network
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