P-3 Implementation Efforts

These are explicit P-3 approaches currently or recently implemented in this state. Examples at different levels of implementation are highlighted—community, single school, district, regional, and state.

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    Preschool through 3rd Grade Office

    Colorado Department of Education

    In 2016, the Colorado Department of Education combined its Preschool and K-3 Literacy teams into one consolidated office. The P-3 Office focuses on strategic issues related to the state-level policies, institutional capacity within and across school districts, and adult capabilities that promote ready systems that lead to high-quality early learning and literacy for all students preschool through third grade.

    The Preschool Through 3rd Grade Office includes the following teams:

    • Preschool (Colorado Preschool Program and Preschool Special Education)
    • School Readiness
    • Kindergarten Through 3rd Grade Literacy (READ Act)
    • Data and Decision Sciences

    This state education agency organization is one of the first in the country to consolidate leadership and accountability for the P-3 continuum under one office.

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