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PreK-3rd Grade and At-Home Learning

This document provides specific guidance related to school districts’ and elementary schools’ supports for at-home learning across the primary grades (PreK-3rd grade). This is not a compilation of e-resources. Rather, this document provides guidance about how to best support at-home learning, focusing on two fundamentals of effective teaching and learning in the early grades: child […]

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PreK-3rd Grade Alignment in California School Districts

What types of PreK-3rd grade alignment efforts are school districts making? What challenges are they encountering? In what ways does state policy facilitate or hinder alignment efforts?   A new study by Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE) examined these questions. The authors interviewed representatives from 25 districts that have preschools on one or more

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P-3 and State Policy

In concept, “alignment” sounds promising. It can be difficult to operationalize, however, especially for state policymakers. The National P-3 Center strives to make sense of states’ roles in P-3 work. For example, from 2017-2019, funded by the Nevada Department of Education’s Preschool Development Grant (PDG), we conducted a review of the B-3* alignment of state-level

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