The P-3 Framework Becomes More Equity-Focused

The Framework for Planning, Implementing, and Evaluating P-3 Approaches is the centerpiece for much of the work conducted by the National P-3 Center. The Framework is designed to address key questions facing those who are developing and implementing comprehensive P-3 approaches in their school, district, or community. The Framework is divided into eight major “buckets” or categories of effort that require alignment within and between ECE/0-5 and PreK-12.


Since the Framework was first published in 2013, it has been used and adapted in countless ways all across the country. Over the past six years, we received lots of feedback from users — much of which we incorporated into the revised edition. In particular, we took a systematic approach to ensure that issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion are embedded in each of the eight buckets. Special thanks go to Mari Taylor and Katie Kuhl, former National P-3 Center staff members, for their thoughtful contributions to elevating equity in the Framework.


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