Equity from the Early Years to the Early Grades

“More than half of the 74 million children in the United States are children of color, and they are served by learning systems that are gravely inequitable.” 

The Children’s Equity Project and the Bipartisan Policy Center just released a report, Start With Equity, that focuses on learning experiences in the early years, birth through age five, and the early grades (K-5). The authors identify three key policy areas that strongly influence children’s experiences in the classroom and disproportionately disadvantage children of color and children with disabilities. These policies areas include:

  • Harsh discipline and its disproportionate application
  • The segregation of children with disabilities in learning settings
  • The inequitable access to bilingual learning opportunities for dual language and English learners

For each policy area, the authors take a deep dive into the data, research, and policy landscapes. They propose a bold, actionable policy agenda to make learning systems more equitable.

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