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August 2023

Children Come First Series: Improved Equitable Early School Experiences

Report Carla Garrett, Sharon Ritchie, Eva C. Phillips Region 6 Comprehensive Center Network
March 2021

Leading Learning Communities: A Principal’s Guide to Early Learning and the Early Grades (Pre-K–3rd Grade)

Report Kristie Kauerz, Roberta Ballard, Margaret Soli, and Shannon Hagerman NAESP and National P-3 Center
May 2020

Webinar: At-Home Teaching and Learning in PreK-3rd Grade

Video National P-3 Center
March 2020

At-Home Teaching and Learning in PreK-3rd Grade

Report National P-3 Center
November 2019

Framework for Planning, Implementing, and Evaluating P-3 Approaches

Report Kristie Kauerz and Julia Coffman National P-3 Center
July 2019

Preschool to Third Grade Alignment: What Do We Know and What Are We Learning?

Report Meghan McCormick, Shira Mattera, JoAnn Hsueh MDRC
November 2018

How the Opportunity Gap in K-3 Teaching Is Failing Our Students

Report Bridget Hamre Teachstone
August 2018

Effects of Sustained Quality in PreK, Kindergarten and First Grade in Dallas ISD

Report Annie Wright, Dylan Farmer, and Yusuf Kara Center on Research and Evaluation at SMU
January 2016

Examining Teacher Effectiveness Between Preschool and Third Grade

Report Rachel Herzfeldt-Kamprath, Rebecca Ullrich Center for American Progress
September 2014

Building a Skilled Teacher Workforce: Shared and Divergent Challenges in Early Care and Education and in Grades K-12

Report Marcy Whitebook Institute for Research on Labor Employment
May 2013

An Ocean of Unknowns: Risks and Opportunities in Using Student Achievement Data to Evaluate PreK-3rd Grade Teachers

Report Laura Bornfreund New America Foundation
March 2013

PreK-3rd’s Lasting Architecture: Successfully Serving Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Students in Union City, New Jersey

Case Study Geoff Marietta, Sky Marietta Foundation for Child Development
December 2012

Building a Birth-to-College Model: Professional Learning Communities

Case Study Ounce of Prevention Fund, University of Chicago Urban Education Institute
May 2012

Implementing Observation Protocols: Lessons for K-12 Education from the Field of Early Childhood

Report Robert C. Pianta Center for American Progress
November 2011

Watching Teachers Work: Using Observation Tools to Promote Effective Teaching in the Early Years and Early Grades

Report Lisa Guernsey, Susan Ochshorn New America Foundation
April 2011

PK-3: What Does it Mean for Instruction?

Report Deborah Stipek, Doug Clements, Cynthia Coburn, Megan Franke, Dale Farran Society for Research in Child Development
March 2011

Getting in Sync: Revamping Licensing and Preparation for Teachers in Pre-K, Kindergarten, and the Early Grades

Report Laura Bornfreund New America
December 2010

Lessons for PreK-3rd from Montgomery County Public Schools

Case Study Geoff Marietta Foundation for Child Development
July 2010

PreK-3rd: Teacher Quality Matters

Report Rima Shore Foundation for Child Development
September 2009

North Carolina Guide For the Early Years

Report North Carolina Department of Public Instruction
January 2009

21st Century Teacher Education for FirstSchool: A Model of Collaborative Inquiry

Report Rebecca New, Sharon Ritchie, Harriet Boone FirstSchool
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