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December 2021

Transitions to Kindergarten in Colorado: A Roadmap

Report Kristie Kauerz, Andrew Schaper, Sharon Triolo-Moloney National P-3 Center
June 2021

Transition to Kindergarten: Findings from Recent Research

Report Kristie Kauerz, Andrew Schaper National P-3 Center
March 2021

Leading Learning Communities: A Principal’s Guide to Early Learning and the Early Grades (Pre-K–3rd Grade)

Report Kristie Kauerz, Roberta Ballard, Margaret Soli, and Shannon Hagerman NAESP and National P-3 Center
November 2019

Bridging Sectors to Co-Create NC Pathways to Grade-Level Reading

Report North Carolina Early Childhood Foundation
November 2019

Framework for Planning, Implementing, and Evaluating P-3 Approaches

Report Kristie Kauerz and Julia Coffman National P-3 Center
October 2019

Building the Case for Culturally Specific P-3 Strategies in Oregon: Listening to Voices From the Field

Case Study Callie H. Lambarth, Amanda Cross-Hemmer, Lorelei Mitchell, Beth L. Green, Kate Normand Center for Improvement of Child & Family Services at Portland State University
December 2018

Fostering Pre-K to Elementary Alignment and Continuity in Mathematics in Urban School Districts: Challenges and Possibilities

Case Study Cynthia E. Coburn, Kelly McMahon, Graciela Borsato, Abigal Stein, Natalie Jou, Seenae Chong, Rebekah LeMahieu, Megan Franke, Sonia Ibarra, Deborah Stipek Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE), DREME Network
December 2018

Building Cross-Sector P-3 Leaders: The Washington P-3 Executive Leadership Certificate Program

Report Kristie Kauerz, Mari Taylor, Katie Kuhl National P-3 Center
March 2013

A PreK-3rd Coalition: How Three School Districts Accomplished More Together Than Alone

Report Paul Nyhan Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
January 2013

Financiers, Engineers, and Entrepreneurs for Young Children: Comprehensive Birth-through-age-8 Community Strategies

Report Kristie Kauerz National P-3 Center
December 2010

Lessons for PreK-3rd from Montgomery County Public Schools

Case Study Geoff Marietta Foundation for Child Development
November 2010

Working Together to Build a Birth-to-College Approach to Public Education: Forming a Partnership Between the University of Chicago Urban Education Institute and the Ounce of Prevention Fund

Report Raedy Ping, Raphael Nash, Linda Wing University of Chicago Urban Education Institute, Ounce of Prevention Fund
July 2009

Beyond the School Yard: Pre-K Collaborations with Community-Based Partners

Report Albert Wat, Chrisanne Gayl The PEW Center on States
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